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Member & Patrons' Code of Conduct

The following code of conduct is applicable to all members and their guests, including staff, volunteers and board members.

a) All members must agree to adhere to the constitution of the GLCR, including this code of conduct, and take the responsibility of familiarizing themselves with its content.

b) Each member is accountable for his/her guest's conduct while in any social setting of the GLCR. This includes GLCR functions held off the premises of the GLCR. Each member must inform his/her guest of this code of conduct and ensure that the guest's behavior is consistent with the code.

c) Persons creating a disturbance by continual abusive conduct towards other present; or by extreme obnoxious, loud or disorderly conduct to others may be disciplined by the Manager as outlined in the constitution of the GLCR.

d) Persons whose conduct threatens the security, safety or well-being of other members shall be disciplined with particular severity. In particular, fighting, threats, violence, intimidation and racial or sexual harassment will not be tolerated.

e) The manager or bartender shall refuse service to any patron if it is determined that he or she is intoxicated. Furthermore, the patron may be requested to leave the facility if he/she refuses to accept the decision to discontinue service.

f) No alcohol or glassware shall enter or leave the premises.

g) Any willful damage to the facility will result in the person(s) assuming all cost of repair or replacement, and may result in other penalties as provided elsewhere in this code

h) The use or sale of drugs, indecent exposure or the possession of weapons is strictly prohibited on GLCR premises.

i) All members and guests are charged with the responsibility of maintaining other members and other patrons' right to privacy, anonymity and confidentiality. Breach of this privacy and confidentiality of other members or patrons, and in particular the disclosure of another person's sexual orientation to persons outside the GLCR, shall result in disciplinary action.